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2020 Martyrs Appeal

Thu 20, Aug 2020

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ABM’s 2020 New Guinea Martyrs Appeal brings you stories from young Papua New Guineans who have benefitted from the legacy of the Martyrs, and who are set to carry on their tradition.

Church to Church 

Papua New Guinea - Newton Theological College

Embodying the legacy of the Martyrs today 

Father Prout Pari serves as Parish Priest at busy All Souls’ in the Papua New Guinean city of Lae, a post he has held only since January this year.  

A graduate of Newton Theological College, Father Prout describes his four years training for the priesthood at Newton College as ‘challenging’. It encompassed the three streams of prayer, study and work. In terms of work, ‘we were taught to take [the] lead in action and conduct, from domestic duties in our homes, to evangelism and pastoral work, and social duties in our community’. 

His most difficult experience at college was ‘seeing how the wives and children of student priests endure the challenges of self-reliant lifestyle in a new setting’. In spite of this, Father Prout is full of praise for the college, and likes the fact that ‘women study…alongside their husbands.’

In fact, the wives’ involvement in Newton College’s programs of self-reliance prepares them for their lives ahead as providers of material support for their husbands, as teachers and also as role models for other women in their parishes. 

Father Prout is one of many serving in the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea today who embody the great legacy of the Martyrs.

Your gift will help to keep Newton College strong and deliver programs of theological relevance to today’s church leaders.

Prout as a student at Newton College. © Robert McLean, ABM.Prout as a student at Newton College. © Robert McLean, ABM. 


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Community Development

Papua New Guinea - Adult Literacy Program

‘One day I want to become a teacher.
That’s my dream!’

At the age of 31, Alice Moude Rourela has begun to realise her dream by enrolling in secondary school. For Alice, a Papua New Guinean from Oro Province, this was made possible by the Anglican Church’s Adult Literacy Program.

The death of Alice’s mother while she was in her final year of primary school had a devastating effect on the young girl. Losing the mainstay of support for her education, Alice dropped out of school and for many years gave up any hope of returning. But two years ago, she learned about Sorovi Adult Literacy School, run by the Anglican Diocese of Popondota, and promptly enrolled. Participation in this adult learning program gave her the skills and confidence she needed to sit the Grade 8 examinations and finally have a chance to complete her education.

‘One week before the Adult Literacy graduation, I saw my name come out on the list on the school notice board with those students who were selected to do grade 9. I was running out of words … I had made it through to keep my dream alive! One day I want to become a teacher. That’s my dream!’

Your generous donation to ABM’s Martyrs Appeal this year will strengthen the work of Newton Theological College and the Church’s Adult Literacy program, contributing to realising the vision of the New Guinea Martyrs for modern Papua New Guinea.

Alice holds her Adult Literacy certificate at her graduation from Sorovi Adult Literacy School in Popondetta. © Anglicare, PNG.Alice holds her Adult Literacy certificate at her graduation from Sorovi Adult Literacy School in Popondetta.
© Anglicare, PNG. 


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Honouring the Martyrs

Almighty God, for seventy eight years the Church has been encouraged by the Martyrs of New Guinea who followed your Son in laying down their lives for the sake of your kingdom.

Inspired by their story, like them, may we leave all other cares aside to make it known that you rule with love over the whole world.

This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, One God, now and for ever. Amen.


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