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Tax Appeal 2020

Thu 14, May 2020

Donate Now to the 2018 Tax AppealThis year's Tax Appeal focuses on supporting ABM's COVID-19 Global Emergency Response. Please support this appeal to ensure our partners will have access to essential COVID-19 information and sanitation resources.



COVID-19 Global Emergency Response

With our churches closed, many mission planning meetings postponed, and normal face-to-face Sunday gatherings suspended, ABM’s regular fundraising through parish giving has fallen significantly. This means we have much less to give to our partners for the vital work they need to do to confront the health and economic threats of this pandemic. 

Our partners are ready to act. Many have already switched from or modified their regular activities and are using existing project budgets to fund COVID-19 focussed work. 

However, from 1 July, this existing funding runs out and your support is greatly needed now so that our partners can continue this vital emergency work.

Here is a snapshot of what our partners are doing already and where your donation will have the most impact:

In Papua New Guinea ten church health centres have been earmarked for COVID-19 response. The Church and Anglicare PNG are training clergy and staff to educate communities about hygiene and social distancing. With more funds, Anglican Schools will receive health messaging when they re-open.

The Anglican Church provides health information to people in Lae, Papua New Guinea. © Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea. Used with permission.

The Anglican Church provides health information to people in Lae, Papua New Guinea. 
© Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea. Used with permission.


The Anglican Church of Melanesia in Vanuatu is training volunteers in COVID-19 awareness-raising and has distributed government brochures to 5000 people across two provinces. They are also contacting remote communities via text and phone, enabling them to ask questions about government information. With more funds, water can also be provided to more communities.

Anglican Development Services Eastern in Kenya has trained community health workers and is using their established networks within the community-based organisations to train trainers in COVID-19 awareness-raising, including hand-washing methods and use of face masks. They are also installing simple washstands with liquid soap in public places in their project communities. With more funds communal rainwater tanks can be built to supply the washstands.

Anglican Development Services Eastern provided a wash-stand for Kisesini Health Centre in Kyua, Kenya. © ADSE. Used with permission.

Anglican Development Services Eastern provided a wash-stand for Kisesini Health Centre in Kyua, Kenya.
© ADSE. Used with permission.


Zambia Anglican Council Outreach Program has trained parish leaders and Gender Action Groups to teach hygiene to remote communities in Eastern Province. With more funds, food can be provided to families who have been hit first by drought, then flood, and now the economic hardships of COVID-19.

The Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa plans to provide 300 vulnerable families in ten African countries with food aid and sanitation supplies.

The Church of the Province of Myanmar is engaged in hygiene messaging within its project sites. 

In the Philippines, COVID-19 restrictions have ended casual work opportunities. E-CARE will give hungry families food now in exchange for work later on various church building projects. With more funds, IFI-VIMROD will provide rice to project communities badly affected by lack of access to work and food. 

In Gaza, the Ahli Hospital has allocated a ward to treat COVID-19 patients and has added hygiene information to the nutritional advice and supplements already provided to participants in the Child Nutrition project.

With desperately needed new funding, even more can be done. Without it, the many excellent development gains made in recent years will be lost.

The need for your support for this work is urgent. Please give as generously as you are able.

Australian Aid
Some ABM projects receive funding from Australian Aid


Donate Now to the 2018 Tax Appeal





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Online: You can make an online donation to the 2020 Tax Appeal here or by clicking on the DONATE NOW button.

Mail: you can enclose a cheque/money order (made out to the Anglican Board of Mission - Australia. Please include the campaign name 2019 Tax Appeal with your donation) and send it to:

Anglican Board of Mission – Australia
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Telephone: Sydney 02 9264 1021, Local Call 1300 302 663

Gifts to ABM will be applied to the support of project(s) selected. In the unlikely event of the project being oversubscribed or not proceeding to completion, donations will be applied to a similar project to the one(s) selected. 


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