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Tax Appeal 2018

Wed 16, May 2018

Donate Now to the 2018 Tax AppealThis year's Tax Appeal focuses on empowering women and girls in Kenya and Zambia.


Integrated Gender Initiative in Zambia

In Zambia, ABM works to create awareness of gender equality, gender-based violence and to strengthen the support of women and girls to make positive changes in their lives.

The program aims to reduce social, cultural, religious and structural barriers that hinder women and children from accessing their rights, and to provide support that will enhance women’s financial independence. Since the beginning of this program, more women are able to share their voice even though there is a very long way to go.

However, since the problem is multi-faceted, a new approach will see teams of men (Men’s Engagement Networks - MENS) go out to communities and work with women as partners to fight gender-based violence.

The aim of MENS, is to influence male counterparts to reflect on issues such as masculinity, socialization and power and to embrace gender equality as a social norm.

Read their stories here
Read their stories here

Members of the MENS group will then use various approaches to engage the identified men who are either survivors or perpetrators of genderbased violence, and take them through behaviour changing processes.

Finally, the project will focus on building the capacity, especially of vulnerable women via business/entrepreneurship and leadership skills to enable them to achieve household food security, while building their capacities to take up leadership roles in advocating for their rights.

Gaining these skills will also assist them with looking after their children and passing on their new found knowledge.

Your support for these projects will make a huge difference to the lives of women and girls in Zambia.


ABM’s Livelihoods Project

The Sustainable Livelihoods Program has had a significant impact on reducing hunger and increasing incomes of local farming communities. However, many households are woman-headed, so ongoing support and training is desperately needed.

The project targets Community-based Organisations (CBO), which are essentially trained and registered community organisations, with nominated representatives from various existing groups in Kenyan villages.

The CBO generally meet once a month to become trained in areas such as; Proposal writing; Drought resistant crops; Tree planting; Drip irrigation; Sand Dam construction; Water management; Farm ponds; Marketing; Budgeting; Disability inclusion and Child protection.

As a result of being in the program since it was introduced, the Kalawani CBO has now graduated and have become empowered to take on many issues that arise.

Read their stories here
Read their stories here

Produce is now being sold at a common market which has been created to sell local produce. Also, the Kalawani CBO have set up a registered credit union which has grown out of their Village Savings and Loans program.

This was incredibly successful in raising capital for new business ventures within the CBO community and will enable people to save and borrow from a much larger entity, increasing the loan amounts available for business activity.

Please give generously this tax time so that we can continue to build sustainable communities in Kenya.

This project is supported by the Australian Government.This project is supported by Australian Aid. 


Download a copy of the 2018 Tax Appeal brochure here.



Online: You can make an online donation to the 2018 Tax Appeal here or by clicking on the DONATE NOW button.

Mail: you can enclose a cheque/money order (made out to the Anglican Board of Mission - Australia. Please include the campaign name 2018 Tax Appeal with your donation) and send it to:

Anglican Board of Mission – Australia
Locked Bag Q4005
Queen Victoria Building NSW 1230

Telephone: Sydney 02 9264 1021, Local Call 1300 302 663

Gifts to ABM will be applied to the support of project(s) selected. In the unlikely event of the project being oversubscribed or not proceeding to completion, donations will be applied to a similar project to the one(s) selected. 


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