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Myanmar Emergency Response

Thu 28, Sep 2017

Donate Now to the Myanmar Emergency ResponseABM has launched an appeal in support of Action by Churches Together (ACT) Alliance’s emergency relief efforts to assist the many Rohingya refugees fleeing from the increasingly violent situation in Myanmar.

We are aiming to raise $20,000 towards the purchase of humanitarian aid supplies. Funding is urgently needed to provide vital medical care, emergency food, clean water, and hygiene and sanitation kits for the victims of this crisis.

During March 2017, in response to allegations of significant breeches of human rights, the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a resolution to dispatch an independent, international fact-finding mission to establish the facts about alleged human rights violations by military and security forces in Myanmar, in particular in Rakhine State.

However, on the 25th of August 2017 violence flared up against the ethnic Rohingya in Rakhine State in Myanmar.  This latest outbreak of violence follows decades of ethnic tensions. 

Since the violence flared in late August, 430,000 people have fled Rakhine State into neighbouring Bangladesh in search of safety.  Those fleeing violence have made their way to the Cox’s Bazaar district and join other refugees, bringing the total number of people in need to just over 1 million.

The Government of Bangladesh have kept their borders open to enable people to seek safety and to allow the international community to provide the required humanitarian assistance.  While access is limited, the Action by Churches Together (ACT) Alliance have long-standing NGO members in the region, who are able to provide lifesaving support for those in greatest need.

Please consider donating towards this crisis. Many innocent women and children are in severe suffering, traumatised by war and without the essentials needed for life. Your gift will make a tangible and immediate difference, enabling provisions to be sent to those most in need.



Download a .doc (Word) copy of the Myanmar Emergency Response flyer. 

Download a .pdf (Portable Document File) copy of the Myanmar Emergency Response flyer.



  • Send a cheque/money order made out to the Anglican Board of Mission to:
    Anglican Board of Mission – Australia
    Locked Bag Q4005
    Queen Victoria Building NSW 1230

(Please don’t forget to write down the Code MM014 and/or the campaign name Myanmar Emergency Response and include it with your donation.)

  • Alternatively, you can phone 1300 302663, Sydney 02 9264 1021 or email us at
  • Any funds raised in excess of the amount needed will be directed to ABM's Global Emergency Rapid Response Fund or ABM’s Global Disaster Risk Reduction Fund.
  • ABM advises that there are administrative expenses for receiving and receipting donations for its international appeals. Final costs can only be totalled after the appeal has concluded. However, in previous emergency appeals, ABM contained administrative costs to 10% or less of total funds received.

Gifts to ABM will be applied to the support of project(s) selected. In the unlikely event of the project being oversubscribed or not proceeding to completion, donations will be applied to a similar project to the one(s) selected.



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