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Mon 11, Nov 2013

Donate to the Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Appeal

ABM is raising funds to provide emergency relief to the many casualties of Typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines on the 8th, 9th and 10th November. This appeal is tax-deductible. 

The death toll has now reached over 6,000 with nearly 1,800 people still missing. The homes of more than 16 million people were lost or damaged as a result of the super typhoon.

We are supporting our Partners, the Episcopal Church of the Philippines (ECP) and Independent Philippines Iglesia (IFI) as they carry out humanitarian relief activities and plan for the next phase of their relief and rehabilitation work.

In the aftermath of the typhoon Fr Herbert Fadriquela Jnr, Executive Director of Visayas and Mindanao Relief and Development, part of IFI, had emailed a response to ABM saying, "I am alone in the office this morning when strong winds brought about by super typhoon Yolanda hit Cebu. It was a horrible experience. The sounds created by the winds on dilapidated roofs and trees are frightening. Then suddenly there was an explosion in one of our power outlets in the conference room. When I saw smoke and sparks of fire in the power outlet, I rushed to the main switch and turned it off. I feel so nervous and cold. I informed immediately my staff about what happened and they all agreed that it was fortunate that I was in the office, otherwise, huge damage might have caused the incident. I locked the office and left since there is no power and water in there now".

Thank you for your generosity. ABM has now raised over $200,000 for the typhoon victims in the Philippines.

We continue to raise and receive funds which will be used for the rebuilding of communities devastated by the typhoon, including developmental relief, rehabilitation and livelihood support.



A final report from the ECP has been received on their emergency response to Typhoon Haiyan - view the full report here.



Read the latest updates from the ECP and IFI about their relief efforts and challenges faced by those communities who were devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.



Here is the latest update from Lina Magallanes, our Asia Program Coordinator, who is currently there with our Philippines Partners.



The Episcopal Church in the Philippines continues to offer prayers for our brothers and sisters in the central part of our country whose lives were tragically lost and broken in the ferocious path of a super typhoon that came a month after a killer earthquake also brought death and destruction in the same region. We grieve for and with them as we continue to implore Divine comfort upon all who bear the pain of such a catastrophic experience.

To all our constituents, let our communities and local churches be centers of prayerful solidarity and an assurance of our love, thoughts and hopes for our suffering brothers and sisters. Let us individually and collectively take every positive effort to contribute to the massive relief undertaking. We are now working in coordination with the National Council of Churches in the Philippines for our participation in the relief work. We also affirm and support the initiatives of our Dioceses of Davao and Central Philippines as they minister to our constituents in the affected areas.

To our partners, we acknowledge and express our gratitude for your thoughts, prayers and support. We appeal for your continuing solidarity as we all join hands in rising up from the unimaginable devastation of our land.

Prime Bishop, Episcopal Church in the Philippines
11 November 2013

As more news comes in, we will update this page. Please remember all who have been affected by this disaster in your prayers.

Download a .pdf copy of the Philippines: Emergency Appeal flyer.

Download a .doc (Word) copy of the Philippines: Emergency Appeal flyer.

A message from the Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia and President of ABM to All Australian Bishops.

ABM's media release to the press.



  • You can donate online to the Philippines Emergency Appeal here or by clicking on the DONATE NOW button.


  • Send a cheque/money order made out to the Anglican Board of Mission to: Anglican Board of Mission – Australia, Locked Bag Q4005, Queen Victoria Building, NSW 1230

(Please don’t forget to write down the Code PH008 and/or the campaign name Philippines Emergency Appeal and include it with your donation.)

  • Alternatively, you can phone 1300 302663, Sydney 02 9264 1021 or email us at


  • Any funds raised in excess of the amount needed with be directed to ABM's Global Emergency Rapid Response Fund.


  • ABM guarantees to send at least 90% of the funds raised from this appeal overseas to assist in the humanitarian relief of this emergency. A contribution of up to 10% of the funds raised may be used for the purposes of fundraising and administration. This deduction represents ABM’s best estimate of the management, administration, and fundraising costs applicable to an appeal of this size and nature.

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